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OSCA System v6.0

Quotes, Worksheets and Orders are Fast, Easy and Accurate

he OSCA System is proven Interior Decorator software that has been developed in Australia and used by professional interior decorators and designers in the soft and hard furnishings industry since 1992.

The main function of the OSCA software is to streamline and make more efficient the daily activities of the professional interior decorator and designer. These are the activities that relate to the preparation of quotes, worksheets, fitters instructions, orders and keeping the business organised. These are the tasks that you, the professional decorator would generally find time consuming and which have an element of potential error.

The new release of OSCA version 6.0 is Windows XP, Win2000, VISTA (Home/Business) and Windows 7 compatible. OSCA includes many new and enhanced functions that continues to make it the Australian decorating industry's leading software. OSCA is the most widely used decorating software in Australia.This includes all hard/soft blinds and drapery type products. OSCA will process all the details relating to window treatments.

Once you have specified the desired treatment, OSCA will automatically perform the appropriate calculations to instantly produce:

  • accurate and fully costed customer quotes
  • making-room worksheets
  • fitters instructions
  • fabric purchase orders.

All the required documentation for the supply of custom made-to-measure window furnishings is provided by the software.
OSCA caters equally for all blind and drapery type products.

You will be able to do your Quoting Quickly, Easily and with complete Reliability and Accuracy.

Save Time

Using OSCA you will save valuable time. You will not need to do any calculating by hand or manual writing up of quotes, worksheets or purchase orders. All of your fabric metreage requirements are worked out for you to make ordering easy. Imagine, finally you have a more efficient and time saving method to produce professionally presented quotes for your customers and accurate worksheets and orders for your workrooms and wholesalers. OSCA does all the hard work for you.

As a direct result, your time is saved compared to performing all calculations manually and writing up everything by hand. You do not need to be a large organisation to use the OSCA software. The system is very suitable for the lone decorator operating their business.

For the large business operations there is the OSCA Enterprise software. This version of OSCA has functionality which is specifically designed for businesses operating many decorating consultants across multiple stores.

OSCA uses an easy step-by-step method where you are able to quote for an extensive range of the products for your customers - fast and effortlessly. It gives you the exact amount of fabric, cut and match for ordering and a choice of different quote formats to present to your customer (each varies in detail). Quoting can be done on a Laptop in the customer's premises or a Desktop in the store, it's your choice.

Your Image as an Industry Professional is truly enhanced.

Errors are Reduced

The OSCA System can also assist in dramatically reducing errors associated with fabric and product costing. All calculations are accurate and instant. The system takes into account the width and drop of the window, pattern matching, heading types, your preferred heading and hemming allowances, fabric fullness, creepage, size of returns and overlap.

OSCA takes the worry out of accurately specifying your fabric requirements and ensures reliability of all quoted costs and the mark-ups that you want to use.Any concerns about a job being profitable are overcome with the ability to produce full gross profit reporting. The details of all costs, including wholesalers price lists, making costs, installation charges, your markups and GST are all stored in the system. You always have accurate information about a quote and the ability to give discounts knowing exactly what the gross profit will be.

To achieve the same level of accuracy, convey a professional image, keep all the paper work complete and organised would require you to spend more time - if done manually. Of course, more time being used in this area generally means that stress levels begin to rise as the nights and weekends are used to catch-up on the paper-work preparing the quotes and worksheets. Being rushed, tired at night, not knowing all of the facets of quoting and worksheet preparation and just being generally stressed are the main reasons for very costly mistakes. Mistakes that in the end make the job unprofitable and a waste of time.

OSCA will enable you to eliminate or significantly reduce any of the following problems:
  • back-log of quotes that need to be prepared and written-up
  • incomplete details and transcription errors on worksheets
  • lost or misplaced quotes, worksheets and other working papers
  • out of date price lists being used
  • incorrect calculations for fabric
  • incorrect calculations for costs
  • inconsistent mark-ups being used
  • charges being omitted from the quotation
  • calculation of incorrect GST amounts
  • customers deadlines not being met
  • inability to meet quotas and budgets
  • ad hoc procedures for running the business
  • inaccurate management reporting
  • time consuming task in determining the profitability of quotes and the business.

OSCA is able to quote, prepare worksheets and orders for all of the following products:


Holland/Roller Bonded


Wood Poles
Valance Rod
Decor Rod


Side Drapes
Separate Lining
Swag & Tails

Accessory Products

Wholesaler Price Lists

Any of the wholesalers price lists (blinds, fabrics, tracks & componentry, drapery making, pelmets, installation etc.) can be stored in the system and automatically used for quoting. The discount margins given to you by the wholesalers and the markups you want can be adjusted at any time. You have complete control. Different markups can be applied to any of the price lists in the system. If needed, different markups can also be applied to individual fabrics or to the wholesalers entire range.

Blinds and fabric wholesaler price lists are updated regularly. Paradigm Systems will keep you supplied with all of the major (and not so major) wholesaler's price lists. Simply click on the link in OSCA and you will be able to download the price lists directly into OSCA for immediate use. You also have the ability to enter any of your own price lists for any product.

The following are the available Blinds and Fabric Wholesaler Price Lists:


Biggie Best
Charles Parsons
Elliot Clarke
Fabric Library
Gummerson Fabrics
Hoad Fabrics
John Kaldor
JW Design
Charterhouse (Crowson)
Fabric Pavillion
Slender Morris


Ken Bimler
Mahogany Textiles
Marco Fabrics
Unique Fabrics
Wilson Fabrics
Warwick Fabrics
Rowe Fabrics
Zepel Fabrics
Mokum Textiles
Porter Stone


Boronia Blinds
BQ Design
Commercial Venetians
Contract Blinds
Designed Blinds
FHA (Franklins)
Key Image Design
Mr. Venetian /ADG
Total Window Concepts

Contact Paradigm Systems for a complete list of supplied wholesalers prices.
If there are price lists that you use and are not currently available from Paradigm Systems, let us know.

List of Functions

The following are some of the enhanced functions included in OSCA that will enable you to save time and be more efficient :
  • detailed specification of all products /window treatment
  • search price list databases for specific products and finishes
  • determine the exact fabric metreage required for fabric based product
  • takes into account pattern matching, all allowances, the number of drops/widths and cut length
  • calculate the cost, mark-up and retail value of the fabric for each product and the whole job
  • calculate the workroom's cost of making, your mark-up and the retail value of the making for each product
  • specifying track details for drapery products and applying the relevant costs, mark-up and retail value
  • apply installation costs and other additional charges
  • prepare a finished and professionally appealing quotation for presentation to the customer
  • ability to automatically email the quote directly to the customer from OSCA
  • prepare detailed and accurate worksheets for the workrooms
  • accurate calculation the GST for each product and the job as a whole
  • ability to display the actual gross profit for each product and the whole of the customer's job
  • prepare product orders for purchase from the wholesalers
  • electronically forward orders to the appropriate wholesaler.
OSCA will enable you to save time and effort. Time that you now spend in calculating the costs and preparing quotes, worksheets and all the paper work necessary to complete a job. This is the real benefit in using professionally developed software such as the OSCA System.

The software will enable you to effortlessly produce a finished, professional looking quote that is fully priced together with all the worksheets and orders. Being organised with your paper work is no longer a time consuming or manually intensive task.

Documentation and Reports

The OSCA System has a wide range of reports to assist you in the operation and management of a successful business. Using the information that has been entered for the customer and their required window treatments, OSCA will prepare many reports and documentation. These reports can be used to enable you to efficiently run your business. It is entirely your choice as to when and how often you print these reports. They include:

Report Name


Customer Quotations Three quote formats can be used: Summary, Itemised, Detailed.
Workroom (manufacturing) Worksheets Detailed product specification for all products (for drapery products it includes total fabric metreage to be used for product making).
Gross Profit Report


- Actual Gross Profit, by consultant and company total.
- Forecasted Gross Profit for all quotes prepared.
Installer / Fitting Worksheets Details each job and the specific fitting instructions for each product/window
GST Report Details the accepted quote price, GST amount by each quote sales representative.
Purchase Orders


- Purchase Orders for all products
- Summary Purchase Listing
Price Lists


- Blinds workrooms/wholesalers
- Drapery workroom making charges
- Installation charges
- Fabric wholesalers.

Outstanding Quotes


Specifies all quotes not yet closed or rejected by the customer.
It includes the customer details, total value of the quote, date quoted and the number days it is outstanding

Supplier Lists

Suppliers contact, address details

Customer Lists

Full details of all customers including their status and additional notes.

Click on the Download OSCA Writeup (PDF) link to view a comprehensive write up of OSCA with sample Quotes, Making Room Worksheets, Installers Worksheets, Gross Profit and Outstanding Quotes reports.

 How OSCA Works - What It Does For You

The primary function of the OSCA System is to enable decorating consultants to quickly and accurately conduct quotations for the supply, making and fitting of made-to-measure window furnishings. The system is able to process all the details relating to a window and its treatment. Once you have specified the treatment, it will then automatically perform the appropriate calculations to enable an accurate quotation and making room worksheets to be instantly produced ... quickly, easily and with complete reliability.

The details of the customer, the quotation, all products and materials will always be stored in the system until you decide you do not need them. Producing the quote is extremely simple and can be done either on-site at the customers premises (using a portable/laptop computer) or in the store using either a desktop computer (or portable PC). OSCA can be used profitably by any size organisation. The benefits can be achieved by any decorator, large or small retail outlets, individual interior decorators/designers, department stores, franchise operations and workrooms.

Fully prepared quotations and worksheets can be prepared for over 27 products, including standard windows and bay windows (calculates the total track width for you, i.e. drapery products).

The Procedure for Using OSCA is Fast and Easy 

There are many easy and user friendly functions that the OSCA System offers for your convenience. As you come to quickly learn how these are used to make things run smoothly in your business, the more you will tend to look for from OSCA - and discover.

The User Manual and documentation supplied with the software are comprehensive and describe each function in a simple step-by-step manner. There are also on-line Help screens that can be accessed for further assistance whilst actually using the OSCA System.

Perhaps you only need to quote for blinds products. This is also possible, as the choice is yours as to how much of the system you want to utilize. Just use the blinds section of the system which will allow you to store as many of your wholesalers price lists as required for quoting, costing and worksheet preparation.

Paradigm Systems International updates blind wholesalers price lists on a regular basis. Check with us to ascertain if we have your supplier's price lists. The general procedure for using the OSCA software is :

1. Enter the Customer's Details

Information relating to the customer's name, address, contact numbers and email address are entered first.

The email address will enable you to email the quote directly to the customer if you wish.

2. Specify the window treatment

After entering the customer's details, you are now ready to specify the required window treatments.

Each product has its own screen that allows you to identify the location where the item
(e.g. blind), is to be fitted and then select the workroom, the blind type, style and any additional items or variations,
(e.g. motorisation, chain drive, cord locks).

If you are quoting for drapery or any other type of product, the screen will display only that information that is relevant to that product's treatment.

So long as you know what the customer wants, it's fast and easy to enter the treatments. All you need to do is display and select the appropriate details as the system steps you through in a very simple manner.

3. View the Results

This area displays the results of the finished window/product treatment. It is specific to the product being quoted. For example a Roman blind will include details of :
  • blind making /supply price
    if you are supplying the fabric - the number of widths (drops), widths rounded, total required metres and both cost and retail pricing
    additional charges for any product variations
    installation charges
    total pricing of the fabric and other material
  • GST amount.

All calculations are accurate and complete. For example, where a drape is being quoted, the system will calculate for the :
  • fabric width, fullness, pattern repeat, heading & hemming allowances, size of returns, overlap
    cost of fabric (cut, half roll or piece price)
    making charges (including the heading type, full or half drop charging)
    installation costs
  • your own specified mark-up and GST amount.
For products not requiring fabric, (e.g. Timber, Slimline, Micro blinds etc.), the information provided is slightly less, but still important and useful.
4. Make Adjustments to the Quote

If required, any adjustments to the original specification and window treatment can be effortlessly made at anytime, during or after completing the quotation. For example :
  • varying the blind style or finishing treatment (or heading type for drapery items)
    changing the wholesaler
    varying the width or drop of items)
    adding more products or removing items from the quote
  • adjusting the mark-up on individual items or the whole quote.

    Anything that you originally keyed-in to specify the product can be quickly and easily changed and the system will instantly display the new calculations and pricing.

... Price Lists

All price lists can be readily accessed to change and recalculate a window treatment.

For example, changing the fabric or lining on any or all of the products in the quotation.

... Changing the Markups

If necessary, you can at anytime change the markup and the value of the quotation total.

This can be done by either changing the markup for the whole of the quote or by changing the individual markups for any component value of the quote, e.g. blinds, fabrics, installation etc.

This is a particularly good function to use if you want to keep adjusting the quote total to something that you think the customer will accept ... while still ensuring that you are making a profit.

5. View or Print the Quotation

When you have finished entering the window treatments and you are satisfied with the mark-up that you want - viewing or printing of the quotation is fast and simple.

Quotation formats that you can choose from include Summary, Itemised or Detailed versions of the quote. Each has a different amount of information that can be given to the customer. When you have chosen the format click on the print button. Alternatively, you can view the quote on the screen.

OSCA also allows the quote to be exported to your choice of word-processor for any customised changes that you may want to conduct - like inserting a picture of the product from a database of customised images.

There is also a facility to directly email the quote to the customer from OSCA.
Customer Quote Acceptance

When the customer has accepted the quote and wants to proceed, you are able to change the status of the quote to "Accepted".

This enables you to make a distinction between "Outstanding", "Accepted" and "Rejected" quotes for the purposes of preparing useful reports on the status of each quote.

Additional functions at this point include :
  • Selection of the customers appropriate payment method (and recording the Credit Card details if appropriate)
    Specifying a possible discount amount
    Specify the deposit amount
  • Preparing a Tax Invoice.

6. Print the Purchase Orders and Making Room Worksheets

Each quoted product has its own specifically designed worksheet so as to enable the product to be made up without any errors or ambiguity.

Multiple items of a product (for that workroom) are included on the one worksheet.

At anytime, the orders and worksheets can be viewed on the screen, printed and sent off to the designated workroom/wholesalers.

There are over 27 different product types that the OSCA System is able to quote for and prepare detailed worksheets.

Where appropriate, Bay Windows diagrams with detailed measurements are included on the worksheets. (OSCA automatically calculates the total track width.)

The worksheets can also be electronically sent to the workroom. This means that there is no manual writing up, printing or faxing of the worksheets.

7. Print the Installer Instructions

Installers worksheets can also be prepared by the system. Two formats are available, detailed and summary.

OSCA has the ability to produce many reports to assist with the day-to-day running of the custom made to measure business.

Click on the Download OSCA System Write Up to download a copy of the OSCA writeup which includes copies of the various quote formats, worksheets and other reports.


Some additional functions ...

Giving a Discount, taking a Deposit

Should you require to give the customer a discount, then this can be done either before the quote has been accepted, (it appears on the final quote for the customer to consider), or after presenting the quote and the customer negotiates the discount as a condition of going ahead with the job.

OSCA will calculate the discount for you based on either a percentage of the quote value of a fixed dollar amount that you specify.

Similarly with taking a Deposit, the system can accept the default percent or adjust it for a fixed dollar amount.

Alternative Quotes for the same Customer

For those customers who request one or more alternative quotes, these can be prepared and printed very quickly.

This may be either because they want more/less products included in the second quote or any of the items to be made-up with different fabric. There is no need to re-enter all the window treatment information again. Just copy the quote and allow OSCA to step you through with what to do.

OSCA will guide you step-by-step to copy the existing quote and then reselect the new items or new fabric for that quote.

The alternative quote (an unlimited number can be prepared for a customer) will have the new pricing recalculated instantly and ready for printing as a separate new quote for the customer to consider.

Gallery of Product Pictures

Images of any products can be stored in OSCA's Gallery of Pictures. Any of these pictures can be viewed at the time of doing the quote and if required displayed to the customer.

Use the facility to take pictures of all your completed jobs and to show them to customers as examples of your work.

You can also store and display any product images that your wholesaler provides for marketing and promotional purposes.

The only limitation to the number of pictures that can be included in the Pictures Gallery is the available hard disk space of your computer.

Keeping Track of the Customers Budget

OSCA enables you to enter a budget figure for any of the quotes. Therefore, while you are in the process of preparing a quote, OSCA is able to keep track of that customers total expenditure for the job.

If you have established what their budget is, you are able to advise the customer when they are nearing or have gone over that budget. OSCA informs you as you are preparing the quote if you are still within their budget or if it's over.

This makes it extremely easy for you to not waste your time by continuing if the budget has been exceeded.

OSCA keeps track of each product quoted and the overall quotation price to the customer.

Export to MYOB

The ability to export the customer, quote and order details to MYOB for further processing is available. This will save you the time and effort of manually entering all the financial data requirements.

Your Business Standards, Policies & Controls

The OSCA System provides the ability for you to set-up your own customised pricing, mark-ups, fabrics, heading types, allowances, blind products (styles, finishes & allowances), quoting standards and controls. These will then be automatically taken into account when a quote or other relevant function is performed.
This provides you with the assurance that every job that you or others in your business do, will be consistently accurate according to your pricing, mark-ups and the workrooms' requirements.

Quoting in the Store or the Customers Premises

The OSCA System can be used on either a desktop or portable /laptop computer.

Generally, the desktop computer is used in the store and the laptop is used by decorating consultants for taking out to the clients premises to conduct the quote on-site. Alternatively, the portable computer can be used both in the store or on-site. The choice is yours, with both machines the software will operate the same way.

Where quotes are done on-site at the customers premises, a portable printer (where both the computer and printer are battery operated) can be used to print out a professional pre-formatted quotation and presented to the client. Of course, this greatly increases the likelihood of 'closing' the deal with your client 'on the spot'.

Significant increases in the sales conversion rate are experienced by businesses when the quote is prepared and presented to the customer 'on the spot'. However, the option remains that for some reason you may want to go back to the store and finalise the preparation of the quote and then send (or email) the completed quote to the client.

The OSCA System has been designed with procedures and functions which will enable you to streamline your business functions and workflow's, which will in turn assist your business to run smoothly and minimising the chance of error.

Benefits of Using OSCA

Help Desk Support.
Full telephone support is given between the hours of 9:00am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday (excluding Victoria public holidays) . If you have a question, ring us and we will assist you.

On-going Software updates
will be provided as they they are released by Paradigm. Update your software quickly and easily by clicking on the link within OSCA and downloading the new version

Always be up-to-date with wholesaler's price lists
. Price List Updates will be provided as they are released by the wholesalers. Update your price lists quickly and easily by clicking on the link within OSCA and downloading the new prices.

Maintain a professional image and win more jobs. Use better looking, more improved and professionally presented quotes.

Save time
. Your work will be faster, more accurate and reliable. No more typing up or hand writing of quotes or worksheets.

Eliminate fabric errors
. All fabric metreage requirements are calculated accurately, taking into account all relevant allowances for the quoted products. (Includes all drapery type products, Roman, Austrian and Festoon blinds etc.)

It's hard to make costly mistakes
. The system has in-built product checks that will warn you if you have omitted information or made a mistake.

Ability to quickly ‘close' the customer
. Quote confidently, accurately and if you wish, 'close' the sale while you are in the customers' premises.

Nothing can be lost or misplaced
. All quotes, worksheets, orders and supporting documentation are stored in the system. (Provided you have done your backups.)

No more messy and cumbersome price lists to carry.
All the wholesalers' price lists can be stored in and used by the system.

Increase the number of quotes
you can do in a day. Because preparing the quote, worksheets and other documentation is fast and effortless, you have extra time that you can use to see more prospects. Of course, more prospects seen means more potential sales.

Increase your profits
. Easily identify where to reduce your costs by using the information contained in the system and the reports.

Improved and efficient customer service
. A customer's enquiring telephone call can be taken by anyone by quickly displaying all the job details on the computer.

What to order from wholesalers is faster and less effort
. Purchase Orders for any of the products are automatically prepared for you. (These also include the fabric wholesalers orders which have the number of cuts/length.)

You are in control of your business
. At anytime, a comprehensive list of management reports can be printed and used to give you valuable information about your business.

Be more organised
. The system uses simple step-by-step methods where you cannot forget anything. As a result, your work-flow and procedures are streamlined.

You have total control as to what profit you want
. You decide what the profit margin is to be for any job by pre-setting or recalculating the mark-ups for fabric, making, any of the products etc.

Prepare alternative quotes quickly and easily.
No effort or time is wasted for those customers wanting additional quotes using different fabrics and window treatments.

An efficient and productive training tool.
The system can be used for practicing and training of new decorators learning the industry and business.


Summary Of System Features.

A complete list of everything that the OSCA System will perform is too large to include here.
However, some of the more comprehensive functions that are available using OSCA are :

  • Paradigm Systems International provides a price list update service.
    An unlimited number of customer quotes can be prepared.
    Quote for an unlimited number of windows per room.
    Ability to enter an unlimited number of products for any quote.
    Quote products for a Bay window (includes Bay window diagram on Worksheet).
    Comprehensive database of customisable Heading types.
    Comprehensive list of wholesaler's fabric price lists.
    Track wholesalers price list can be entered and stored.
    Blinds wholesalers price lists can be entered and stored.
    Search for fabrics by: name, wholesaler, price range, width or collection.
    View a database of all care labels View full fabric composition descriptions.
    Quote using either the Cut/Piece, Half Roll or Roll price Quote using either retail or wholesales prices.
    Ability to include other miscellaneous charges as needed, for any product.
    Database of workroom making charges can be customised for quote pricing.
    Include special instructions on Making Room worksheets.
    Include special instructions on Installation worksheets.
    Database of installation charges can be customised for quote pricing.
    Add your own database of wholesalers/suppliers.
    Calculates the fabric metreage and cut length required for jobs.
    Automatic calculation of GST.
    Ability to view the entire quote in summary form.
    Three different quotation formats are available to be printed.
    Export your quote to MS-Word for specific customisation.
    Your specific terms and conditions can be printed on all quotes.
    Multiple items of a product can be prepared very quickly.
    Customer discounts and deposit can be included on the quote.
    Quotes can be automatically checked for discontinued fabrics.
    A quote can at any time have its fabric re-priced at cut, piece, half roll or other price of your choice.
    Alternative quotes can be prepared with different fabric, products and markups.
    Customers can have an unlimited number of alternative quotes (e.g.quotes with different products, fabrics etc.)
    Comprehensive workroom worksheets for all products to be made-up.
    Comprehensive installer worksheet - detailing the fitting instructions of products.
    Full customer details and address listing can be printed.
    Comprehensive Gross Profit reports (by consultant and company).
    Reporting ability on customers with outstanding quotes (i.e. not yet 'closed').
    Ability to use your own preprinted letter head for quotes.
    Ability to have the OSCA system generate a letter head.
    Ability to work the quote totally in wholesale/cost pricing or retail prices.
    Individual wholesaler mark-up percentages can be specified.
    Price lists can be updated quickly and easily.
    Personal user access levels (and passwords) can be set.
    Backup facility within OSCA is available.

OSCA System Pricing

The purchase price* of the OSCA System is $
5,300 (includes GST). What you receive :

Software Support

Help desk telephone support between the 9:00am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday.
(Excludes Victoria public holidays.)

Software Maintenance

All new updates of OSCA System are supplied.
(Auto download and update from the Paradigm web-site.)

Price Lists

Ongoing supply of updated blinds & fabric wholesaler's price lists.
(Auto download and update from the Paradigm web-site. )

System Documentation

User Manuals, Ongoing updates of online OSCA Help files.
* Purchasers of OSCA will be supported with all of the above for the first 12 months.
Thereafter an additional 12 months of support and updates is available at your discretion by subscribing to the "Annual Maintenance" for an annual fee of $550 (includes GST).


System Requirements

To enable the OSCA system to operated effectively, the following minimum requirements are recommended
for both desktop & portable/laptop computers :

  • Windows XP Professional, VISTA, Windows 7
    2Gb RAM
    100 Mb of available hard disk space
  • Internet connection (preferably Broadband).

    OSCA is network enabled. Where a large network of users is required, it is recommended that Sybase – Advantage Database is installed. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing for networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Paradigm give me all of my wholesalers price lists for me to use in the software ?


Yes. We can supply you with all of the major blinds and fabric wholesalers price lists and many of the not so large wholesalers. Check with us as to which we have. If there are wholesalers that you need and we don't have them on hand, we will endeavour to get them entered so that you can use them in OSCA.

Can I enter my own fabrics from wholesalers that Paradigm Systems doesn't supply ?


Yes. You can setup as many new wholesalers and fabrics as you like. However, if you prefer, let us know who the wholesaler is and we will endeavour to get the price list done for you.

What if Paradigm doesn't have the blind wholesaler's price lists that I use. ?


Same as for fabrics, let us know which wholesalers you use and we will do our best to get them done for you to use in OSCA. Alternatively, you can import them if you have the spreadsheet or you can enter them manually.

Can we get the price lists from the wholesaler's and import them into OSCA ?


Yes. The procedure is fairly simple to import price lists if you have it in an Excel Spreadsheet format.

Q. I receive special discounts from my wholesalers, can this be entered into the software ?


Yes. Any special discounts or pricing arrangements that you receive from your wholesalers can be implemented in OSCA. For example, you might receive a 10% discount with a particular blinds wholesaler, and also have an arrangement with a fabric wholesaler that you receive a percentage discount and the roll price for cut lengths that are purchased. Both are possible using OSCA.

Q. Can I use my own markups ?


Yes. Any of the products in the system (blinds, fabrics, pelmets, making charges etc.) can be setup with it's own markup that you designate.For example, a fabric wholesaler can have one markup set up for it, or if you want, you can apply a different markup to any the individual fabrics.

Q. What sort of assistance do you give ?


We are available for you to ring us anytime to provide you with support between the hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday, except for when it's a public holiday in Victoria.

Q. Do you give training ?


Yes. Usually this is conducted online, however we are able to make arrangements with you for personal "one-on-one" training of OSCA. There is also documentation that is supplied. This provides a step-by-step instruction in how to use the software.

Q. How long does it take to get the software up and running ?


There are a number of steps to go through before you can start to use OSCA for quoting.
a. It only takes 15 minutes to download the software and register it.
b. Entering your quotation defaults. This can take about 1 hour and involves specifying the allowances that will need to calculated for various products and the customised wording that you want on the quote template to be printed when a quote is prepared.
c. After that it depends on how many and which wholesalers price lists you want in the system and which ones that we have already to give you.

There is a lot of software on the market where they don't give you any documentation. Does OSCA come with documentation ?


Yes. You will receive the following comprehensive documentation:

System Setup & Data Entry Instructions
OSCA Summary Tutoria
On-Line Help screens.

Unlike most other software on the market, OSCA has documented Help/Assist screens. These are being continually updated and added to. With most of the more important screens in the system, if you need more information click on the Assist icon and a Help screen with a detailed explanation will be displayed.

Q. When I pay for the software, what do I get ?


You will receive:

the OSCA system to download and install
User documentation, On-line Help files
12 Months Software Support - Telephone Help Desk support 9:00am - 5:30pm, Mon - Fri
(Excludes Victoria Public Holidays)
12 Months Software Maintenance (Updates of the OSCA system will be supplied)
12 Months Price List Updates (Fabric and Blinds Wholesalers)
OSCA software Training.

Q. Can I use the software on the Local Area Network ?


Yes. OSCA is network compatible. Multiple workstations (copies of the software) can be setup on a LAN which will enable all users to access the one copy of the price lists, data and any of the quotes.


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